Monday, July 28, 2008


Corey in all his bearded glory

Friday, July 25, 2008


I dont really have anything interesting to say, Ill I've been doing lately is going to chill with my Corey and keep him company while his throat heals. (He had his tonsils out.) We've been playing video games, watching movies, and eating ice cream.

I thought I'd share these amusing comics with you though. From the site

And this is to those who made comments about Coreys beard.

He really should shave though <3

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So yeah there is some pictures of prom that I got from some of my friends, since I havnt found the camera I took my own pictures with. Corey kept making zoolander faces in the pctures. I dont really care though, prom is kinda lame. The place they rented for us was way too small. Really bad music. It was dissapointing. But we tried to have a good time and make the best of it. Above theres a picture of me and my friends...dancing? I look more like Im yelling out for someone to save me.

Monday, July 14, 2008

That dosnt go there

So today I got a tube shoved up my peehole.
Hmm lets back track a wee bit.
I get frequent bladder infections and have been seeing a uriologist about it for a while now. It was desided that they needed to have a good look to make sure that everything was anatomically correct down there. So thus today I had to get a rod with a camera on it up my urethra to check it out.
My mom couldnt take me because we were having guys come look at the house about cable (she felt really bad about not going.) So Corey was a sweetheart and drove me there.
They injected some numbing gell in with a stringe for the pain. They that it'd hurt going in but then it wouldnt hurt after that. Well it hurt all the way through. And that numbing gell didnt do shit. I was screaming, Corey said it looked like I was in labor. It hurt like crazy after words too. A decent amount of blood. Peeing hurt/s something awful. I was in so much pain I got all nausious and threw up while the doctor was talking to me.

Luckily everything is ok with me anatomically. Except the random jolts of pain and horrible flashbacks.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back In Action

I havnt posted a blog in FOREVER! I've just been soo busy! Then end of the school year was extremely hetic for me. In addition to all the typical senior stuff, I had a trip to NYC right after school ended AND a new house to move into. All very stressful.

The trip to NYC was very enjoyable, although I was happy to go home when we did. I HATED the subways with a PASSION. They were stuffy, crowded, and smelt often of piss. I was stupid enough to not bring good walking shoes which made life more difficult as well. Luckily my parents have money and love towards my feet and bought me some shoes.

Heres a quick overview of my NYC Trip
-Events: Large amount of shopping, Young Frankenstein the musical, Gypsy (musical), a Comedy Club (Jim Gaffigon showed up!), and a Modern Dance thing
-Items Bought: 2 dresses, 1 barret, 1 t-shirt, 1 purse, Bottle of Perfume, Shoes, Necklace for sister, Collogne for Corey, Pink Floyd record for Corey, A ton of different vinyl toys from Kidrobot and such stores.

Good loot no?

Moving was miserable of course, but its better now that we're more settled in. Ive been having a difficult time sleeping since we moved. Im going to paint my room soon. We STILL dont have internet (Im on my dads computer) or TV. Its killing me a wee bit. Ive been doing a large amount of video game playing and book reading to keep myself entertained.

Thats all for now. I'd like to start keeping up on this once Im actually able to (CURSE YOU LACK OF INTERNET!!) :(