Sunday, May 31, 2009

My little break.

I'm on a bit of a break right now, all I have going is work 6 hours a week. I'm going to start summer classes June 16, English and Astronomy.
Corey's summer classes are during my break unfortunately (college summer classes aren't all at the same general time). I've been able to keep myself occupied though.

I got a handful of good books from Borders. Reading two right now. An Anne Rice book for the day and an easy young adult book to read before bed. Anne Rice books are often to thought provoking to read before bed. Haha!

I've also been playing some video games. Video games are so expensive! They're about 50-60$ right when they come out. It's crazy. Getting the used games that have been out for a while from GameStop is a pretty good deal. I got a game for 14$ that was 3 times the price when it first came out.

I've also been playing an old Game boy Advanced Pokemon game that I downloaded on my laptop. Forgot how fun those pokemon games can be.
I'm going to stay at my grandparents house (from my moms side) next weekend. That's always a nice time.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


What the heck is Twitter? I thought I understood it for a second, but alas no. I even looked it up on Wikipedia and simply became more confused. Is it like a text message blog?

If you have no idea what twitter is be creative and make something up.

Example: I say that a twitter is when someone twitches and stutters at the same time.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I got my nose pierced. I've been thinking about getting a piercing for a long time and I finally just went for it. Neither of my parents like them very much, but I'm a big girl now soooo yeah. They didn't really care to much, just teased me a bit.

It hurt pretty bad getting it done. Doesn't help that I'm scared of needles.I just kept my eyes shut the whole time and focused on breathing/not passing out. I got pretty lightheaded and nausious due to being freaked out. It's amazing how some peoples bodies react to fear.

I'm pretty happy with how it looks. I chose a ring to start out with because they're easier to keep clean than a stud. I'll consider getting a stud kind after the healing process is done.

I've been cleaning it like crazy because I really really dont want it to get infected. My immune system is kinda crummy so who knows how it'll go. It's really hard not to touch it right now because its currently pretty itchy. I guess it's normal for it to be itchy since it's a healing wound, like a scab. That weird itchy pain feeling.

Thats what I get for putting holes in my face though, haha!

Heres a picture, taken a few days ago when I got it done. My nose it a little swollen. Probably only I can tell though since I know my face pretty well.


My birthday is comming up. Thinking of some good loot to ask for. I'm hoping for a DSi because I'm nerdy like that. If was rich I'd want this bed. Isn't it cool? *random*


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is anybody out there?

Something you may not know about me.

I find the possibility of “alien” life fascinating.

Hang on! Don’t hang up on me. Let me explain.

Many people would go “oh geez not alien crap…” but I don’t mean in an E.T kind of way. Really just finding a planet that could sustain life would be amazing.

They’ve found one that they think is in the right spot by its star to have the conditions for life. It’s astounding to think about! The planet Gilese 581 C is at the right distance from its star to have the right conditions. It may be at the right temperature for liquid water, which is a biggie for the whole life thing to work out.

Gilese 581 C is the first planet we’ve found in that right spot so far. So counting us that makes two. Doesn’t sound good, but if you think about it just us with our wee technology being able to find something must mean that there are plenty more out there. Personally I think considering all the galaxies out there and such, there HAS to be at least some planets that can have some form of life. Intelligent would be cool, but that might be asking for too much.

Right now travel to any of the planets we might find is looking pretty impossible. I mean we don’t even have the means to know what the planet we’ve “found” even looks like. The way they figure out the distance from its star has to do with math and stuff. (I know I have very fancy lingo) It’s not like we have a pretty little photo.

I really don’t think much in the ways of alien discovery will be made in my lifetime. I’m not expecting any visitors to say. But still, keeping up on the baby steps we make can be very exciting.

I try to remain optimistic about our species not blowing itself up before we get to the point were we have the technology to really figure out this “alien life” business. We probably will though. We’re pretty good at blowing stuff up.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Question for Beth- Memory.

I had a question for Beth. So I was daydreaming (shocker I know) and I remembered this story I heard a long time ago. Mind you the memory is so patchy I'm not even sure if its a real memory.

The memory is of a book on tape we listened to while (I think) we were driving up to Zion National Park. This was a looong time ago- it was that time I got all sick and went home early with strep throat.

Anyway... I remember that the story was really weird, but I liked it alot. It was about this kid that goes to this other world. Everything there is all fun and awesome at first, until he starts realising things gone amiss. I think there is holidays alot. I remember there was this fish pond. Then later he finds out that the fish were really kids that turned into to fish. At the end the house goes all crazy and evil.

Ring any bells? Its really bugging me alot. Don't feel bad if you're clueless though, I'm not even sure if it was in your car I heard the story.

Friday, November 7, 2008


So I'm a crazy person and took on another job on top of my babysitting. I'm training to be a photographer in the Sears Photo Studio. So yeah now I have two jobs and am a full time student. Ahh what was I thinking? I'm pooped.

Also my dad got his back surgury done and just got back home from it the other day. It went well, but he's in some pain. Hes not as grouchy as I thought he'd be though!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

5 things

I was tagged by beth. Thanks beth!

The 5...

Ten years ago I was.......
1. wrote a story for school about two baby bears, one named Whitey (a polar bear) and the other Blacky (a black bear) and how they were running away from hunters in the woods
2. moved to a new school with all new kids
3. loved playing "imagination games"
4. struggled with schoolwork. cursive and times tables.
5. loved pokemon

5 things on my "to do" list.....
1. laundry
2. get my notebook from corey's house so I can do some studying
3. scan in the pictures I drew so I can Illustrate them for my class
4. cash in checks
5. figure out why I have antsy nights like this where I just CANT sleep

5 snacks I enjoy.........
1. cookies
2. Cuties soy ice cream bars
3. chewie bars
4. Gummy Snacks
5. sour candy

5 places I have lived
1. lil' house in Gardena
2. big house Newbury Park Dos Vientos
3. Bigger house in Newbury Park Dos Vientos
4. Good sized older house in Moorpark
5. Amazing house in Newbury Park, on a the top of a hill.

5 jobs I have had........
1. babysitting for cousins/family
2. babysitting for neighbors/their friends
3. Usher at the movie theaters
4. mothers helper with a baby
5. I've done some graphic design favors for people I know for no charge. not really a job but I could've charged sooo ya.

5 things I would do if I was a multi-millionaire........
1. Donate TONS
2. Do chariety work
3. Help out my friends and family
4. Get some awesome stuff
5. Travel

I'd tag people but I think the people I know have already did this or have been tagged.