Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Midnight Calls

I know I still havnt posted about Prom stuff, I promise I will, I just need to get all the pictures from it together. Paitence. Anyway on to what this blog is about.

Last night at about 12:30 I got an unexpected call on my cell phone. It was my ex Jared (the one I dated for a long time.) From the gibberish he was saying apparently he'd taken shrooms and was freaking out. I was pretty pissed, I've told Im countless times to leave me along and now this? Then he was saying how he needs me there and how he needs someone to get him. I told him to call someone else for help and hung up.

I told my parents what was going on and my dad told me if he called again to give the phone to him. Well of course he called again. I talked to him for a bit and he appeared in the same condition. What I got out of him was that he was with one other guy who was also on shrooms and they were in the hills somewhere. (Morons) I told him Im giving the phone to my dad.
His reaction: Wait no!
Him: well maybe thats a good idea..
My dad told him he'd get him if he really needed it, but they freaked out and hung up on him.

The whole thing was really upsetting, its amazing how much people can change. Its really unfair of him to do this to me. I shouldnt have to worry about weither two kids are going to die in the hills or not. I dont need or want him in my life and he keeps pushing himself back in. Hes not someone I want to be involved with in anyway what so ever. Im going to call his parents and tell him that if their son keeps bothering me Im going to get a restraining order. Im done with this crap.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


This is a poem I wrote a bit before Corey and I started dating. So around September. It was around the time when I was dating guys and having trouble finding the right person.. who we now know Ive found. : ] I actually like how this poem came out.


Im sorry for being the weed in your garden
with my leeching roots
pretend Im a flower
for just a moment

pluck at my limbs
chanting to the petals
have you desided
what is our fate

my naked stalk quivering
exposed at your expense
while the children make wishes
scattering the seeds

youll blow me away too
prehaps Ill regrow
to be picked once more
by someone new


A picture I drew on photoshop to match poem. (done rather quickly)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Of Moms and toy whips

I woke up feeling like crap today, I just couldnt get myself out of this gloomy funk. I was talking to my mom about all the stuff I was stressed out about in the morning (I overslept once again and was very late for school) I made myself a list of things I was stressed about
-need to clean room
-have to make sure my graduation stuff is ordered
-english school work
-getting files of the schools computer
-setting up fair appointment for prom

When I got home at the end of the day my mom had done a bunch of my laundry for me, cleaned my room a bit, called the graduation place for me, and had set up my hair appointment. It was super sweet of her, I really appreciated it. I swear Im so lucky to have the loving mom I do.

Also, today I went to get spagetti with Corey and his mom for one of his friends funraisers for boyscouts or something of that sort. Pretty much all of the guys we hang out with at lunch showed up with their families. My friends and I walked over to a comic book shop whilst the parents were conversing. It was a neat little shop, it had all kind of nerdy action figures,toys, and of course comics. There was a kid toy of the Indiana Jones whip that made the crack noise and played the theme song when you pressed a button. It was pretty hardcore. Some of the guys got comics and I got an adorable Iron Man figure.

Mighty Mugs Iron man

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The other night, I leaned in to kiss Corey at the same moment he sat up, resulting in him headbutting me in the face. My nose started gushing blood, it scared the crap outta me and hurt like crazy. I couldnt really get mad at Corey cause he felt so bad and seemed pretty embarrassed.

First Post

Well I desided to make a blog. I was origionally just going to look at my aunts page, but I suppose I got carried away. We'll just have to see how much I neglect this poor blog. Who knows maybe I'll get into it. If I do keep up on this I'll probably post random (probably boring) things about my life, art, poems, and display my horrible spelling for the whole world to admire. : ]