Sunday, October 19, 2008

5 things

I was tagged by beth. Thanks beth!

The 5...

Ten years ago I was.......
1. wrote a story for school about two baby bears, one named Whitey (a polar bear) and the other Blacky (a black bear) and how they were running away from hunters in the woods
2. moved to a new school with all new kids
3. loved playing "imagination games"
4. struggled with schoolwork. cursive and times tables.
5. loved pokemon

5 things on my "to do" list.....
1. laundry
2. get my notebook from corey's house so I can do some studying
3. scan in the pictures I drew so I can Illustrate them for my class
4. cash in checks
5. figure out why I have antsy nights like this where I just CANT sleep

5 snacks I enjoy.........
1. cookies
2. Cuties soy ice cream bars
3. chewie bars
4. Gummy Snacks
5. sour candy

5 places I have lived
1. lil' house in Gardena
2. big house Newbury Park Dos Vientos
3. Bigger house in Newbury Park Dos Vientos
4. Good sized older house in Moorpark
5. Amazing house in Newbury Park, on a the top of a hill.

5 jobs I have had........
1. babysitting for cousins/family
2. babysitting for neighbors/their friends
3. Usher at the movie theaters
4. mothers helper with a baby
5. I've done some graphic design favors for people I know for no charge. not really a job but I could've charged sooo ya.

5 things I would do if I was a multi-millionaire........
1. Donate TONS
2. Do chariety work
3. Help out my friends and family
4. Get some awesome stuff
5. Travel

I'd tag people but I think the people I know have already did this or have been tagged.


heather said...

hey crystal. i'm really sorry if i hurt you. my blog was not targeted at anyone- just expressing my opinions. you are my cousin, i have no reason to want to hurt you and i do really love you.

heather said...

What a big Difference 10 years make! I still remember your cute imagination games. You were so creative and still are...

Beth said...

That last comment was from me... I didn't realize I was signed in under Heather's name.

Beth said...
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Cathy Woodruff said...

Your an a mazing girl that has seemed to have grown up over night! Speaking of nights I think that antsy night thing is a Witten thing. There is nothing worst than a sleepless night.

vanessa lamb photography said...

you have to explain to me what this whole "tagging" thing is, i'm new to the blogging world!