Friday, May 8, 2009


I got my nose pierced. I've been thinking about getting a piercing for a long time and I finally just went for it. Neither of my parents like them very much, but I'm a big girl now soooo yeah. They didn't really care to much, just teased me a bit.

It hurt pretty bad getting it done. Doesn't help that I'm scared of needles.I just kept my eyes shut the whole time and focused on breathing/not passing out. I got pretty lightheaded and nausious due to being freaked out. It's amazing how some peoples bodies react to fear.

I'm pretty happy with how it looks. I chose a ring to start out with because they're easier to keep clean than a stud. I'll consider getting a stud kind after the healing process is done.

I've been cleaning it like crazy because I really really dont want it to get infected. My immune system is kinda crummy so who knows how it'll go. It's really hard not to touch it right now because its currently pretty itchy. I guess it's normal for it to be itchy since it's a healing wound, like a scab. That weird itchy pain feeling.

Thats what I get for putting holes in my face though, haha!

Heres a picture, taken a few days ago when I got it done. My nose it a little swollen. Probably only I can tell though since I know my face pretty well.


My birthday is comming up. Thinking of some good loot to ask for. I'm hoping for a DSi because I'm nerdy like that. If was rich I'd want this bed. Isn't it cool? *random*


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heather said...

i am IN LOVE with that bed. it would be like sleeping in the forest (minus all the bug bites). i want one!