Sunday, February 8, 2009

Question for Beth- Memory.

I had a question for Beth. So I was daydreaming (shocker I know) and I remembered this story I heard a long time ago. Mind you the memory is so patchy I'm not even sure if its a real memory.

The memory is of a book on tape we listened to while (I think) we were driving up to Zion National Park. This was a looong time ago- it was that time I got all sick and went home early with strep throat.

Anyway... I remember that the story was really weird, but I liked it alot. It was about this kid that goes to this other world. Everything there is all fun and awesome at first, until he starts realising things gone amiss. I think there is holidays alot. I remember there was this fish pond. Then later he finds out that the fish were really kids that turned into to fish. At the end the house goes all crazy and evil.

Ring any bells? Its really bugging me alot. Don't feel bad if you're clueless though, I'm not even sure if it was in your car I heard the story.


Beth said...

I was going through checking out all my favorite fun to find yours with a question for me!

We have a tradition of listening to books on tape (now CD) while going on long trips. So I am sure you heard this story in my car. It sounds familiar but I cannot remember it. I will ask the family.

heather said...

hey crystal, that KINDA sounds like "The Magician's Nephew" from the chronicle of narnia series. you might want to check that one out.

vanessa lamb photography said...

OH MY GOSH! I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT BOOK!!!!!! i cant tell you how happy i am that i'm not crazy because i remember loving it hahahaha and it really reminded me of coraline.

ugh thankyou for bring that up you have no idea

Crystal said...

Nah it wasn't The Magicians Nephew although I have read that before.

I'm glad Nessa knows what I'm talking about, I thought I might just be crazy. I just wish I knew the name of it. Your right though, it was a lot like Coraline.